Date: 2019-12-12
Counsel - A container for the legal representative of a player.
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Name  The name of the legal representative. May use a Name or a declared ID.  Text(250) 
Firm Name  The firms of the legal representative. May use a Name or a declared ID.  Text(250) 
Representation Role  The role that counsel is performing for the player.  Enumeration: SALI Representation Role 
Declaration - A declaration set
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
NameID  A NameID to be used in place of a Name. These are supplied to ensure that we are referencing the same logical entity across the matter structure. NameIDs are must conform to the regular expression format ^\^[A-Za-z0-9_-]{1,39}$  Text(40) 
Name  The text associated with the declared ID  Text(250) 
Description - One or more descriptions of a narrative.
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Text  The text description of the narrative  Text(4000) 
Format  The format of the description  Enumeration: SALI Format 
Language  The language of the description. If omitted, it is assumed to be the same as that of the matter.  Text(250) 
Document - The document root
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Header  The LMS document header  Container 
Matter  The Matter container  Container 
Extension - The container for a code extension.
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Code Set  The code set that the code extends.  Text(40) 
Code  The extension code. Must be unique in the namespace.  Text(40) 
Parent  The parent code. This code must be defined before this definition.  Text(40) 
Name  The short name of the extended code.  Text(250) 
Header - The document header.
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
LMSS Type  The LMSS document type.  Enumeration: SALI LMSS Type 
LMSS Version  The version of the Legal Matter Specification.  Enumeration: SALI LMSS Version 
Title  Title of the document  Text(250) 
Language  The language as specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force recommendation in BCP 47.  Text(250) 
Charset  The character set. Default is UTF-8.  Text(40) 
Extension Link  A link to an extension file. The link must be a URI.  Text(250) 
Extension  One or more extension definitions.  Container 
Declaration  Declarations for this document  Container 
Matter - A container for a matter.
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Title  The title of the matter.  Text(250) 
Locale  The location of the matter. This is based on ISO locations.  Enumeration: SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2) 
Process  The process that describes the matter.  Container 
Narrative  The description(s) of a matter.  Container 
Monetary Value - The container for monetary value
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Currency  The currency unit  Enumeration: SALI Currency (ISO 4217) 
Value  The numeric amount  Float 
Narrative - A container for a matter narrative
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Type  The type of narrative  Enumeration: SALI Matter Narrative 
Usage  Descriptions of the intended audience or other usage of the narrative.  Text(250) 
Description  One or more descriptions of a narrative.  Container 
Source  The source of the narrative  Text(250) 
Player - A container for a player
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Name  The name of the player. This is usually a company name or individual name. May use a Name or a declared ID.  Text(250) 
Player Role  The role that the player has in the process. Roles may be restricted by the Process Type.  Enumeration: SALI Player Role 
Legal Entity  The type of legal entity of a player or process object.  Enumeration: SALI Legal Entity 
Counsel  The player's lawyers or representatives.  Container 
Industry  The industry that the player is in. This often provides context for how the process is executed.  Enumeration: SALI Industry 
Governmental Authority  Only used if the type of player is a governmental entity  Enumeration: SALI Governmental Body 
Process - A container for a process
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Title  The title of the process.  Text(250) 
Description  An optional description of the process.  Text(4000) 
Process Type  The type of the process.  Enumeration: SALI Process 
Area of Law  The primary area of law for the process. Area of Law provides context for interpreting other elements of the process.  Enumeration: SALI Area of Law 
Player  Players in a process. The players have different roles.  Container 
Process Object  The object of a process.  Container 
Process Object - A container for an object of a process
Attribute Description Required Multiple Type
Description  The description of the object created by or acted on by the process.  Text(4000) 
Status  The status of the process  Enumeration: SALI Process Status 
Cross-Border  Is the process cross-border?  Bool(Y/N) 
Filing Date  The filing date, if appropriate  Date 
Term Sheet Date  The date of the term sheet  Date 
Effective Date  The effective date of the process  Date 
Closing Date  Closing date, if appropriate.  Date 
Announce Date  The date process was announced, if appropriate  Date 
Asset Location  Location of the transaction - esp. for real property,  Text(4000) 
Asset Description  Description of the asset such as asset type, asset size, etc.  Text(4000) 
Monetary Value  The monetary value of the transaction or dispute  Container 
Non-Monetary Value  Non-monetary value of the transaction or dispute  Text(4000) 
Transaction: Consideration  Description of the consideration for the deal - enumeration of assets? – Stock, Cash, Real Estate, etc  Text(4000) 
Transaction: Deal Type  The deal type - Enumeration yet to be determined.  Text(40) 
Transaction: Location  Location of the transaction.  Text(4000) 
Transaction Legal Entity  If a formation or dissolution, the kind of legal entity formed or destroyed.  Enumeration: SALI Legal Entity 
Regulatory: Authority  Regulator. A public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some area of human activity in a regulatory or supervisory capacity.  Enumeration: SALI Governmental Body 
Regulatory: Authority Other  Regulatory authority not included in the enumeration values.  Text(250) 
Dispute: Venue  The venue of the dispute  Enumeration: SALI Court 
Dispute: Venue Other  Dispute venue not fully covered by the enumerated values.  Text(250) 
Dispute: Trial Type  Type of legal proceeding to resolve the dispute.  Enumeration: SALI Trial Type 
Dispute: Case Name  Name of the case  Text(250) 
Dispute: Resolution  Enumeration TBD  Text(250) 
Dispute: Resolution Date  Date of the dispute resolution  Date 
Dispute: Duration (Months)  Duration of the dispute in months.  Integer 
Dispute: Multi-Jurisdictional  Set if the dispute is multijurisdictional   Bool(Y/N) 
Dispute: Number of Depositions  Number of depositions  Integer 
Dispute: Number of Experts  Number of experts  Integer 
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