SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)

Container: Process Object

Name  Description
Process Object  A container for an object of a process 


Name  Description Allowed Values  Required Multiple
Description  The description of the object created by or acted on by the process.  Text(4000) No  No 
Example:   Retail lease in a mall.   
Status  The status of the process  Enumerated Value: Process Status No  No 
Example:   Open; Closed; Canceled   
Cross-Border  Is the process cross-border?  Bool(Y/N) No  No 
Example:   Y,N   
Filing Date  The filing date, if appropriate  Date No  No 
Example:   Jan 3, 2016   
Term Sheet Date  The date of the term sheet  Date No  No 
Example:   Jan 25 2016   
Effective Date  The effective date of the process  Date No  No 
Example:   Jun 3 2016   
Closing Date  Closing date, if appropriate.  Date No  No 
Example:   Jun 12 2016   
Announce Date  The date process was announced, if appropriate  Date No  No 
Example:   Mar 3, 2016   
Asset Location  Location of the transaction - esp. for real property,  Text(4000) No  Yes 
Example:   Warehouse building at 234 West St., Asuza, California.   
Asset Description  Description of the asset such as asset type, asset size, etc.  Text(4000) No  No 
Example:   Mixed-Use property, 200,000 sq ft lease   
Monetary Value  The monetary value of the transaction or dispute  Container: Monetary Value No  No 
Non-Monetary Value  Non-monetary value of the transaction or dispute  Text(4000) No  No 
Transaction: Consideration  Description of the consideration for the deal - enumeration of assets? – Stock, Cash, Real Estate, etc  Text(4000) No  No 
Transaction: Deal Type  The deal type - Enumeration yet to be determined.  Text(40) No  No 
Transaction: Location  Location of the transaction.  Text(4000) No  Yes 
Example:   Delaware, USA   
Transaction Legal Entity  If a formation or dissolution, the kind of legal entity formed or destroyed.  Enumerated Value: Legal Entity No  Yes 
Regulatory: Authority  Regulator. A public authority or government agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some area of human activity in a regulatory or supervisory capacity.  Enumerated Value: Governmental Authority No  Yes 
Regulatory: Authority Other  Regulatory authority not included in the enumeration values.  Text(250) No  Yes 
Example:   USA Environmental Protection Agency   
Dispute: Venue  The venue of the dispute  Enumerated Value: Court No  Yes 
Example:   U.S. District Court, Southern District of California   
Dispute: Venue Other  Dispute venue not fully covered by the enumerated values.  Text(250) No  Yes 
Example:   Alameda County Superior Court, California   
Dispute: Trial Type  Type of legal proceeding to resolve the dispute.  Enumerated Value: Trial Type No  No 
Example:   Bench trial   
Dispute: Case Name  Name of the case  Text(250) No  No 
Example:   Save Our San Juan v. City of San Juan Capistrano, et al.   
Dispute: Resolution  Enumeration TBD  Text(250) No  No 
Dispute: Resolution Date  Date of the dispute resolution  Date No  No 
Dispute: Duration (Months)  Duration of the dispute in months.  Integer No  No 
Dispute: Multi-Jurisdictional  Set if the dispute is multijurisdictional   Bool(Y/N) No  No 
Dispute: Number of Depositions  Number of depositions  Integer No  No 
Dispute: Number of Experts  Number of experts  Integer No  No