SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)

Container: Player

Name  Description
Player  A container for a player 


Name  Description Allowed Values  Required Multiple
Name  The name of the player. This is usually a company name or individual name. May use a Name or a declared ID.  Text(250) Yes  No 
Example:   Landlord XYZ   
Player Role  The role that the player has in the process. Roles may be restricted by the Process Type.  Enumerated Value: Player Role Yes  Yes 
Example:   LNDL (Landlord)   
Legal Entity  The type of legal entity of a player or process object.  Enumerated Value: Legal Entity No  No 
Example:   CORP (Corporation)   
Counsel  The player's lawyers or representatives.  Container: Counsel No  Yes 
Industry  The industry that the player is in. This often provides context for how the process is executed.  Enumerated Value: Industry No  No 
Example:   RES (Real Estate)   
Governmental Authority  Only used if the type of player is a governmental entity  Enumerated Value: Governmental Authority No  No