SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)

Container: Header

Name  Description
Header  The document header. 


Name  Description Allowed Values  Required Multiple
LMSS Type  The LMSS document type.  Enumerated Value: LMSS Type Yes  No 
Example:   Instance   
Default:  Instance   
LMSS Version  The version of the Legal Matter Specification.  Enumerated Value: LMSS Version Yes  No 
Example:   1.0   
Default:  Draft LMSS 1.0 Rev 2   
Title  Title of the document  Text(250) No  No 
Example:   123 Mission Street Construction matter   
Language  The language as specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force recommendation in BCP 47.  Text(250) No  No 
Example:   en-us (English, United States)   
Default:  en-us   
Charset  The character set. Default is UTF-8.  Text(40) No  No 
Example:   UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format - 8 bit)   
Default:  UTF-8   
Extension Link  A link to an extension file. The link must be a URI.  Text(250) No  Yes 
Extension  One or more extension definitions.  Container: Extension No  Yes 
Declaration  Declarations for this document  Container: Declaration No  Yes