SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)

Code Sets

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Code Set Code Ascending   Description Where Used  # Codes
SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  ISO-4217  ISO Currency Codes
Monetary Value Currency
SALI Area of Law  SALI-AOL:2  Areas of Law codes
Process Area of Law
SALI Court  SALI-COURT  Codes for courts. Currently limited to U.S. courts.
Process Object Dispute: Venue
SALI Format  SALI-FMT  The format of a description
Description Format
SALI Governmental Body  SALI-GOVT  An initial set of government code. Currently U.S. federal only.
Player Governmental Authority
Process Object Regulatory: Authority
SALI Industry  SALI-IND  A default set of codes provided to define industries. Industry codes are imprecise and are provided give context in interpreting matter descriptions. This default code set is provided.
Player Industry
SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  SALI-ISO31662  ISO 3166-2 is part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and defines codes for identifying the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1. The official name of the standard is Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions – Part 2: Country subdivision code.
SALI has adapted part 2 to enforce uniqueness of names across the namespace.
Matter Locale
SALI Legal Entity  SALI-LEGENT:2  The second version of legal entities. Takes into account international considerations.
Player Legal Entity
Process Object Transaction Legal Entity
SALI LMSS Type  SALI-LMST  The types of LMSS documents
Header LMSS Type
SALI Matter Narrative  SALI-MATNAR  Codes used to identify the type of narrative.
Narrative Type
SALI Process  SALI-PROC  Codes used to define a legal service process
Process Process Type
SALI Process Status  SALI-PROCSTAT  The status of a process
Process Object Status
SALI Player Role  SALI-PROLE  The types of player roles that can be applied to a matter.
Player Player Role
SALI Representation Role  SALI-RROLE  The types of representation roles for a player.
Counsel Representation Role
SALI Trial Type  SALI-TRITYP  The type of trial format.
Process Object Dispute: Trial Type
SALI LMSS Version  SALI-VERS  Supported versions of the standard
Header LMSS Version