SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)



Records: 5,126 to 5,131 of 5,131
# Code Set Level Code Full Code   Short Name Name   Description
5,126  SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  XUA  XUA  ADB Unit of Account  ADB Unit of Account  Locations used: African Development Bank
5,127  SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  XXX  XXX  No currency  No currency  Locations used:
5,128  SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  YER  YER  Yemeni rial  Yemeni rial  Locations used: Yemen
5,129  SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  ZAR  ZAR  South African rand  South African rand  Locations used: Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa
5,130  SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  ZMW  ZMW  Zambian kwacha  Zambian kwacha  Locations used: Zambia
5,131  SALI Currency (ISO 4217)  ZWL  ZWL  Zimbabwean dollar  Zimbabwean dollar  Locations used: Zimbabwe