SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)



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# Code Set Ascending Level Code Full Code   Short Name Name   Description
SALI Area of Law  BANK  BANK  Banking Law  Banking Law  Law that governs how banks and other financial institutions conduct business.
SALI Area of Law  SAML  BANK-SAML  - Bank Secrecy and Anti-Money Laundering  Bank Secrecy and Anti-Money Laundering  Law regulating financial institutions relating to money laundering.
SALI Area of Law  BOPS  BANK-BOPS  - Banking Operations  Banking Operations  Law governing routine banking operations including bank capital requirements, risk management, etc.
SALI Area of Law  BKCY  BKCY  Bankruptcy and Restructuring  Bankruptcy and Restructuring  Laws relating to insolvent individuals and companies.
SALI Area of Law  CBKR  BKCY-CBKR  - Corporate Insolvency  Corporate Insolvency  Law relating to insolvency of corporations.
SALI Area of Law  PINS  BKCY-PINS  - Personal Insolvency  Personal Insolvency  Law relating to debt relief for individuals.
SALI Area of Law  DISC  CIVR-DISC  - Discrimination  Discrimination  Protection from discrimination on grounds such as race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, color, age, political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, and disability.
SALI Area of Law  INDV  CIVR-INDV  - Individual  Individual  Individual rights such as privacy and the freedom of thought, speech, religion, press, assembly, and movement.
SALI Area of Law  POLR  CIVR-POLR  - Political  Political  Political rights include natural justice (procedural fairness) in law, such as the rights of the accused, including the right to a fair trial; due process; the right to seek redress or a legal remedy; and rights of participation in civil society and politics such as freedom of association, the right to assemble, the right to petition, the right of self-defense, and the right to vote.
10  SALI Area of Law  COTL  COTL  Commercial and Trade Law  Commercial and Trade Law  Law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales.
11  SALI Area of Law  ADMR  COTL-ADMR  - Admiralty and Maritime Law  Admiralty and Maritime Law  Law that governs nautical issues and private maritime disputes.
12  SALI Area of Law  ANTI  COTL-ANTI  - Antitrust and Competition  Antitrust and Competition  Law surrounding business competition.
13  SALI Area of Law  TRNS  COTL-TRNS  - Commercial Transactions  Commercial Transactions  Law related to business contracts and agreements.
14  SALI Area of Law  CSMR  COTL-CSMR  - Consumer Protection  Consumer Protection  Law that creates a more equitable balance for buyers in the marketplace and prevents sellers from using dishonest tactics.
15  SALI Area of Law  TRAD  COTL-TRAD  - Trade Law  Trade Law  Law, rules, and customs governing trade between countries including imports and exports.
16  SALI Area of Law  CIVR  CIVR  Constitutional and Civil Rights  Constitutional and Civil Rights  Rights that protect individuals' freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, and private individuals.
17  SALI Area of Law  CORP  CORP  Corporate Law  Corporate Law  Law that governs the formation and operation of corporations.
18  SALI Area of Law  BIZO  CORP-BIZO  - Business Organizations  Business Organizations  Law governing the creation and operation of businesses.
19  SALI Area of Law  CGOV  CORP-CGOV  - Corporate Governance  Corporate Governance  Mechanisms, processes, and relations by which corporations are controlled and operated.
20  SALI Area of Law  MRGA  CORP-MRGA  - Mergers and Acquisitions  Mergers and Acquisitions  Law dealing with companies that are purchasing and/or merging with other companies.
21  SALI Area of Law  CRIM  CRIM  Criminal Law  Criminal Law  Law concerned with the punishment of individuals who commit crimes.
22  SALI Area of Law  ACOR  CRIM-ACOR  - Anti-Corruption  Anti-Corruption  Law addressing bribery of public officials.
23  SALI Area of Law  AFOR  CRIM-AFOR  - Asset Forfeiture  Asset Forfeiture  Asset forfeiture or asset seizure is a form of confiscation of assets by the state.
24  SALI Area of Law  BIZF  CRIM-BIZF  - Business and Financial Crimes  Business and Financial Crimes  Fraud, embezzlement, ponzi, etc. False Claims Act.
25  SALI Area of Law  CYBR  CRIM-CYBR  - Cybercrime  Cybercrime  Crimes committed using a computer or directed at computers, data, or other information technology - piracy, hacking, etc.