SALI Legal Matter Specification Standard (LMSS)



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# Code Set Level Ascending Code Full Code   Short Name Name   Description
SALI Process  Dispute  Dispute  A process that describes a conflict/adversarial event potentially or actually involving a second party. This can include government entity or internal investigation
SALI Process  Regulatory (Non-Dispute)  Regulatory, Administrative & Municipal  Any process that results a filing something with governmental entity.
SALI Process  Transaction  Transaction  Any process that involves two or more parties in creation of a contract.
SALI Process  Advisory  Advisory  Any process that provides advice to a single party without adversarial event.
SALI Industry  ASD  ASD  Aerospace and Defense  Aerospace and Defense 
SALI Industry  ATR  ATR  Automotive and Transport  Automotive and Transport 
SALI Industry  BUS  BUS  Business Services  Business Services 
SALI Industry  CHE  CHE  Chemicals  Chemicals 
SALI Industry  CON  CON  Construction  Construction 
10  SALI Industry  COP  COP  Consumer Products  Consumer Products 
11  SALI Industry  EGY  EGY  Energy  Energy 
12  SALI Industry  FNS  FNS  Financial Services  Financial Services 
13  SALI Industry  HTC  HTC  Health Care  Health Care 
14  SALI Industry  FAG  FAG  Food and Agriculture  Food and Agriculture 
15  SALI Industry  MFG  MFG  Industrial Manufacturing  Industrial Manufacturing 
16  SALI Industry  INS  INS  Insurance  Insurance 
17  SALI Industry  INV  INV  Investment Services  Investment Services 
18  SALI Industry  MEN  MEN  Media and Entertainment  Media and Entertainment 
19  SALI Industry  NRS  NRS  Natural Resources  Natural Resources 
20  SALI Industry  XOI  XOI  Other Industries  Other Industries 
21  SALI Industry  PHA  PHA  Pharmaceuticals  Pharmaceuticals 
22  SALI Industry  PRS  PRS  Professional Services  Professional Services 
23  SALI Industry  RES  RES  Real Estate  Real Estate 
24  SALI Industry  IND  IND  Industrial and Logistics  Industrial and Logistics 
25  SALI Industry  RET  RET  Retail  Retail