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SALI LMSS Version  1.02  1.02  Draft LMSS 1.0 Rev 2  Draft LMSS 1.0 Rev 2  Draft Legal Matter Specification Standard, Revision 2
SALI Process  Advisory  Advisory  Any process that provides advice to a single party without adversarial event.
SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  A+AB  CI-ABA+AB  - - Abidjan  Abidjan 
SALI Governmental Body  AAFES  US-FD-DOD-AAFES  - - - Army & Air Force Exchange Service  Army & Air Force Exchange Service  The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES, also referred to as The Exchange) is the retailer on U.S. Army and Air Force installations worldwide.
SALI Court  ACCA  USCTS-MILCUS-ACCA  - - Army Court of Criminal Appeals  Army Court of Criminal Appeals  A.C.C.A.
SALI Governmental Body  ACCSH  US-FD-DOL-OSHA-ACCSH  - - - - Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health  Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health  ACCSH is a continuing advisory body established by statute that provides advice and assistance in construction standards and policy matters to the Department of Labor Assistant Secretary.
SALI Governmental Body  ACF  US-FD-HHS-ACF  - - - Administration for Children and Families  Administration for Children and Families  The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is a division of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
SALI Governmental Body  ACHP  US-FD-ACHP  - - Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  Advisory Council on Historic Preservation  The ACHP promotes the preservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of the nation’s diverse historic resources, and advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy.
SALI Area of Law  ACOR  CRIM-ACOR  - Anti-Corruption  Anti-Corruption  Law addressing bribery of public officials.
10  SALI Governmental Body  ACUS  US-FD-ACUS  - - Administrative Conference of the United States  Administrative Conference of the United States  ACUS is an independent U.S. federal agency charged with convening expert representatives from the public and private sectors to recommend improvements to administrative process and procedure. ACUS initiatives promote efficiency, participation, and fairness in the promulgation of federal regulations and in the administration of federal programs.
11  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD  EUR-AD  - Andorra  Andorra 
12  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+02  EUR-AD-AD+02  - - Canillo  Canillo 
13  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+03  EUR-AD-AD+03  - - Encamp  Encamp 
14  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+04  EUR-AD-AD+04  - - La Massana  La Massana 
15  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+05  EUR-AD-AD+05  - - Ordino  Ordino 
16  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+06  EUR-AD-AD+06  - - Sant Julia de Loria  Sant Julia de Loria 
17  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+07  EUR-AD-AD+07  - - Andorra la Vella  Andorra la Vella 
18  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AD+08  EUR-AD-AD+08  - - Escaldes-Engordany  Escaldes-Engordany 
19  SALI Legal Entity  ADHOC  COMM-ADHOC  - Ad Hoc/Unofficial Committee  Ad Hoc/Unofficial Committee  An ad hoc committee is formed for a specific purpose, usually to solve a particular problem. In U.S. bankruptcy law, an Unofficial Committee means the informal committee comprised of certain of the debtors' larger unsecured creditors that was formed and active prior to the commencement date.
Tags: Ad Hoc Committee; Special Committee; Unofficial Committee
20  SALI Process  ADM  D-ADM  - Administrative  Administrative  All or some part of a cause heard and determined by an Administrative Agency or governmental entity. Any legal step or action taken at the direction of, or by the agency or entity.
21  SALI Area of Law  ADMR  COTL-ADMR  - Admiralty and Maritime Law  Admiralty and Maritime Law  Law that governs nautical issues and private maritime disputes.
22  SALI Area of Law  ADOP  PFAM-ADOP  - Adoption, Surrogacy and Paternity  Adoption, Surrogacy and Paternity  Laws relating to adoption, surrogacy and paternity.
23  SALI Process  ADV  R-ADV  - Lobbying/Advocacy  Lobbying/Advocacy  The act of pleading for or arguing in favor of something or actively supporting a cause or proposal; the act of attempting to influence the actions, policies, or decisions of officials in their daily life, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.
24  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AE  ASA-AE  - United Arab Emirates (the)  United Arab Emirates (the) 
25  SALI Location (Adapted ISO 3166-2)  AE+AJ  ASA-AE-AE+AJ  - - 'Ajman  'Ajman